“I highly recommend Eileen Zobrist as a publisher for any writer who needs his/her book published. Speaking from my own experience, in 2014 I told Eileen about my finished manuscript of my historical fiction novel, Cape Flattery, and that I wished to self-publish but had no idea how to go about it.  She told me about Amazon CreateSpace and offered to format my manuscript for submission. My manuscript was very large, about 788 pages, but she did a fine job of formatting all the pages correctly, plus a complicated character list and a bibliography. She also designed a beautiful eye-catching front cover and an informative back cover. In a few weeks I had the first copy of my novel in hand.
An author in her own right, she is also the leader of the South Beach Writer’s Group. Her knowledge and experience would be invaluable to any writer who is currently writing a book or has just finished a book.”

 -Lois Arnold, author of Cape Flattery


“Eileen Zobrist of Pink Curtain Press  provides first class support helping writers publish their work.  Once the writer has completed a draft, he or she usually wants to publish it, making the work available to the world. Eileen Zobrist walks the writer through the process from drafting to print both conventional and digital.  Modern internet based technology provides authors and editors with power undreamed of a decade or so ago.  But the power is only effective in the hands of someone who knows how to use it.  She knows how to use it.
Here is what she did for me:  She evaluated my draft, met with me, and offered her opinion that it was worth publishing. She outlined her plan, which I approved.  She downloaded my draft, written in Microsoft Word, and transferred it to a professional editing program.  She edited and reformatted it, using the most appropriate font and pitch, line spacing, chapter headings, layout of paragraphs and pages etc.  Then then gave me the edited draft for approval.
The next step was cover design.  We worked together using an Internet based software for front cover, rear cover and spine.  The rear cover included a color photo of me which she took with her digital camera.   After my approval, we ordered a small number for final review.  Eileen then made the final edits and converted the entire work to Amazon standards.  It is now available on Amazon.  I am a published writer.
She helps other authors to publish.  Some of the books are epics of up to 800 pages.  She founded a local writers’ group and chairs its monthly meetings.  She maintains a blog for writers.  She organizes writers’ conferences where authors can sell their works.
 Eileen Zobrist of Pink Curtain Press is a capable and honest publisher using the most modern methods.  If you want your writing published, Eileen will get you there.”

-Robert C. Cary, author of Around the World


“As a novice author, I had the desire to write my life story for my children. Eileen knew I wanted this completed for Christmas and encouraged me. I submitted my manuscript to her, she set up deadlines and we stuck with them.  My husband was very ill but Second Fiddle to the Sea was published before he passed away.
The process of writing the book was therapeutic for both my husband and me. We talked about our personal history more than we might have otherwise.”

-Lavon Branshaw,  author of Second Fiddle to the Sea