The Importance of the Elevator Pitch

I was attending an author’s dinner last month when I asked a woman across from me what her book was about. She began by telling me that she woke up in the middle of the night and heard this voice telling her to write a book and then she thought Me write a book…

I can’t tell you what else she said because I stopped listening.

The importance of preparing a pitch
I have an appointment with an agent and with a representative from a small book press next month for my novel Utopia, Oregon and I’m reworking my pitch again.

Picture this; you step into an elevator and find you are riding with the one person who can change your life and you have 20 seconds to answer that much asked question, “What is your book about?”

You need to be ready with your elevator pitch. The elements include; the main character’s name, the time period and location, and the core conflict of the story, including important subplots. Include an explanation of what makes your book different from other books of its genre. Now make that into a tidy package, say 30 seconds.

“Hook + Character Introduction + First Plot Point + (Optional) Closing Sentence” -Kristen Lamb*

It’s vital that you prepare ahead and keep reworking your pitch until you can recite it in your sleep.
Below is a link to a blog explaining how to create a pitch in more detail.

So, toggle over to a fresh document page and start working on a new pitch for that next important encounter!


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