Pink Curtain Press

Pink Curtain Press is an innovative press based in Olympia, Washington.

Experienced – innovative –original – contemporary

We specialize in titles that fall between the cracks of genre fiction and non-fiction. Do you have a distinct voice? Do you have a compelling narrative that features memorable main characters? Do you want to publish a memoir for your family? We are breaking new ground and putting the control in your hands. For undiscovered authors seeking to publish, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve worked for over 20 years in the library business and I’ve  seen many frustrated authors who spend years writing a book only to be turned down by agents because they don’t fit into a ‘genre box’. With Pink Curtain Press, you are free to write the book your readers deserve.

Your own book in your own hands

Our purpose is to make your dream come true and get that book in your hands. We follow in the spirit and tradition of the offbeat and independent press. Pink Curtain Press strives to be the “book coach” that you need to take that manuscript you’ve been working on and turn it into a published book.

“Eileen Zobrist of Pink Curtain Press  provides first class support helping writers publish their work.”  -Robert C. Cary

Pink Curtain Press is owned and operated by a published author who is professional, independent, and creative and to make the process easy for you.

It’s your book, publish it your way

Don’t have the time to learn how to format and publish your own books? Do you want to be independent and make your own decisions about your book? Pink Curtain Press is affordable and easy. We can get that book into your hands and on the internet for sale in a matter of weeks.

“I highly recommend Eileen Zobrist as a publisher for any writer who needs his/her book published.” – Lois Arnold

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